robert harper painting workshop testimonials 1This letter is for your information about what a wonderful workshop leader, teacher and painter Bob Harper is. He has just completed giving a Plein Air Oil Painting Workshop in Lake City, Colorado. The vast knowledge he gave us and showed us was amazing. His expertise in teaching all of the students, no matter what level they were, showed his skill explaining his painting techniques in a very understandable way. His kind instruction helped raise our level of painting to a much higher plane with beautiful results. He taught us what to look for before starting a painting, how to see and use color, how to lead one’s eye into a painting, how to use brushstrokes for a special effect,
and gave us many more bits of knowledge during the workshop. Many wonderful painters can produce beautiful paintings but some cannot teach effectively. Bob Harper can do it all. Our art group is planning to have him come back to Lake City for another workshop in the fall and probably many more times in the future.

Martha Reyburn
Workshop Chairman
Lake City Arts



robert harper painting workshop testimonials 2Wow. For those of you who have never taken a “Robert Harper workshop”- let me tell you… he is a MASTER at creating his beautiful paintings – does a WONDERFUL job teaching & awesome step- by-step instruction and demos! Some very unique techniques. His work just “glows”… like an old master…and is 10 times more beautiful in person -just like museum masterpieces. Students gave him raving reviews…

Dot Courson, Workshop Instructor